Children’s Ministry

(Bible teaching for preschoolers)

This is a dedicated area during the Sunday morning meeting for 0 – 2 year-olds.

Parents can choose to leave their baby in the capable hands of Victoria and her wonderful Babies Team (made up of other PCF parents) or to stay in the crèche with them..

Please note, the room opens from 11am.

(Parent-led Creché )

A place for 2 – 4 year-olds during the Sunday morning meeting to learn from the Bible in a way that they will understand. From 11am each Sunday they will be learning key truths about Jesus and how He loves them.

This group is overseen by Jo and her amazing Toddlers Team.

(Teaching that follows the Sunday morning talk)

At PCF, we want to equip and support parents through our kids’ ministry. We do this by having an intergenerational church curriculum.

From PCF Kids upwards, the church unpacks the same message. This means you’re learning from the same passage as your children! So, no more blank faces when you ask them what they learnt today.

Izzie and her fantastic Kids Team look after this group.

(School years 3 – 5 at our church building running from 6 – 7:30pm on Fridays)

Our Friday group for kids who want to unpack Gods word even more.

In fun and interactive ways, the kids who come to this group will get an overview of the Bible, have the chance to apply it to their lives and, most importantly understand the Gospel.

With a full programme for each Friday evening, Steven and his team aim to keep the kids actively engaged and excited to come back the next week for more.